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This is a wiki for the WorldForge project.

For those not yet familiar with MediaWiki, here's a Sandbox.

Note: In order to fight the ever increasing number of spam, you need to sign up to the Wiki in order to edit pages. We are sorry about any inconvenience this might cause but we cannot afford to spend more developer time watching the wiki and cleaning up behind spammers.




  • Bugs and Feature candidates are kept on the Launchpad site. It could be easier to maintain than TODO lists here in the wiki, and might replace the lists below.
  • Suggestions Wiki - Suggestions about any aspect of the project.
  • ToDo List - The current list of coding related ToDo items to be done.
  • Media ToDo List - Media tasks to be done. This is the place to check out if you are looking to contribute some of your artistic skills to the project.


  • Sear - A Worldforge Client written top to bottom for this use.
  • Ember - A Worldforge Client making extensive use of existing libraries and modular design..
  • Ember Guide - Everything Ember related


Current available server

Future server architectures


  • Eris - The WorldForge client session library.

Communication Channels

  • WorldForge IRC - Most of the day to day communication happens in IRC. (IRC FAQ)
  • Regular IRC Meetings - Keeping track of what is going on and deciding on next steps.
  • Mailing lists - These are guaranteed to reach all involved (newcomers should post in General).
  • WorldForge Website - The main website. Holds relatively outdated information, except for the news.
  • Developer's Blog - Used for sharing and discussing news and ideas among developers and others.
  • Forums - General WorldForge related discussion forums.
  • Launchpad - All bug reports and project planning happens in the Launchpad.
  • TeamSpeak 3 - Community voice communications for discussions, help, and community or team coordination.
  • Coordinators - The contact information for people coordinating the different software parts, as well as the media, infrastructure, and so on.


Game Design

Note that this is just one possible game design vision, not necessarily shared by all WF members. Collect any major dissagreements into the Rule Set Parameters page for now.

  • Game Features - Player activities in the game, and features supporting them. This is a good starting point for browsing the design docs.
  • Rule Set Parameters - The main points we seem to currently disagree on, and which thus could be made into server parameters.
  • Crafting - Creating items from raw materials
  • Construction - Constructing Complex Structures and Objects from Designs/Blueprints.
  • Characters - Skills and stats.
  • Contracts - A Quest, Mission, Trade, or Legal Agreement between game characters or organizations.
  • Sub Games - Player definable games inside the game.
  • Warfare - How to make warfare enjoyable.
  • Organizations - Clans, Clubs, Guilds, Companies, Nations, and any kind of organized group of one or more characters.
  • Character Homepages - A central place for presenting a character to the player and to the world
  • Story Generation - one or more main storylines involving the most of the world, and then organization and player specific storylines connecting to that in various ways, making players feel more connected to the world.

World Design

Algorithm Design

Media Design

  • Media ToDo List - Media tasks to be done. This is the place to check out if you are looking to contribute some of your artistic skills to the project.
  • Media Guidelines - Information to get you started with producing 3D media for WorldForge.
  • Sound Media Guidelines - Information to get you started with Sound media for WorldForge.
  • Licenses - An explanation to the licenses used by WF
  • Collada - Proposed new media format for WF models etc. Modellers please read, edit, comment (and try out the plugins listed on that page).
  • Style Guidelines - Guidelines about submitting artwork to the WorldForge project.
  • Wombat - The WorldForge Open Media Browser/Artist Tool, a web front-end to our media repository.
  • DrawBoard - A web application enabling simultaneous access to a simple paint program. Used for media brainstorming.
  • Art resources

Atlas the Network Protocol

Procedural Map Format


A collaborative workspace tool being created by Demitar and zzorn. (Currently on hold).

Planned features include collaborative mind maps, chat, and whiteboards. With future plans to expand towards collaborative map editing and world design.


The Volatile Pages list contains pages that have content that easily becomes outdated. Checking and updating them once in a while will help keep the wiki useful.

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