descriptionA 3-D client for WorldForge.
last changeTue, 16 Mar 2010 14:31:11 +0000
2010-03-16 Erik HjortsbergAdapt to changed entity hierarchy (the class which... master
2010-02-15 Erik HjortsbergFix building in a directory other than the source tree.
2009-10-27 Simon GoodallRequire Guichan 0.8.2. Use pkgconfig to find guichan.
2009-07-17 Simon GoodallVarious fixes to the implementation.
2009-07-17 Simon GoodallExport FileHandler class.
2009-07-17 Simon GoodallAdded simple util script.
2009-07-17 Simon GoodallInstall gui lua scripts.
2009-07-13 Simon GoodallInitial implementations of GUI components using LUA.
2009-07-13 Simon GoodallAdded Lua based scripting control using SWIG
2009-07-13 Simon GoodallAdded methods to register and de-register windows exter...
2009-07-13 Simon GoodallAdded doc.
2009-07-08 Simon GoodallAdjust speed thresholds for animations due to floating...
2009-07-08 Simon GoodallBreak out ServerListModel class into own files.
2009-07-08 Simon GoodallUse velocity to determine animations rather than the...
2009-07-04 Simon GoodallAdded support for multiple avatars.
2009-07-04 Simon GoodallAdd the grid to the list of managed widgets.
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