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This page describes things that may change over time.
It thus requires regular updating, and may be outdated.

Feel free to upate this list when there are new media required, or when you have created and uploaded some of the media to our media subversion repository.

Columns: Short desc, link to a longer desc if needed, link to subversion folder on the svn web mirror where it is / should be placed, preview image, author (when done), status (done/not done), volunteer, volunteer email, volunteering date

If you volunteer for a task then mark your name/nickname in the volunteer column, an email where you can be reached in the email column, and the current date in the volunteering date column. Volunteerings that are older than a month and where the volunteer can not be reached can be removed. Even if someone has already volunteered for a task you could also do it.


Description Subversion folder preview image author status volunteer volunteer email volunteering date
apple tree - should be 3D and look like a tree appletree folder needs creating only a (poor) placeholder model
bow folder needs creating Started - Multiple Types modelled, need to finalize textures. Demarii at gmail 04/21/2011
hickory tree folder needs creating some stuff in old-media-repositories, currently uses the fir tree graphics (in sear)
willow tree folder needs creating currently using fir tree graphics there is stuff in old-media-repositories.
poplar tree folder needs creating Started - Model Generated, Texturing based on templates. Demarii at gmail 04/21/2011
Earthworm folder needs creating Started - Model Generated, Texturing based on tubular template. Demarii at gmail 04/21/2011
Caterpillar folder needs creating Started - Model Started, Texturing based on tubular templates. Demarii at gmail 04/21/2011
Maggot folder needs creating Started - Model Started, Texturing based on tubular templates. Demarii at gmail 04/21/2011
Fishing Float Started - Model started. Demarii at gmail 04/21/2011
Cleaver Started - Model complete, new blade texture needed. Demarii at gmail 04/21/2011
Crab folder needs creating Started - Model complete, need to make new template/texture. Demarii at gmail 04/21/2011
Butcher House - Envision Shop on Bottom Floor, House Upper Floor(s). folder needs creating
Block House folder needs creating Simple version exists in junkyard.
Blueprint folder needs creating
Horse Mill folder needs creating
Wind Mill folder needs creating Started - Model incomplete. Demarii at gmail 04/21/2011
Water Mill folder needs creating
Tripod - Three leg stand. folder needs creating
Telescope folder needs creating
Sextant folder needs creating
Compass folder needs creating
Sheep - Needed to harvest wool. folder needs creating
Shears - For wool harvest. folder needs creating
Wool Fiber - A mound or pile of wool. folder needs creating
Spindle Wheel - More complex spindle type. folder needs creating
Thread Spool - Wool that has been spun. folder needs creating
Yarn - Roll of yarn folder needs creating
Needle - Simple, thread and yarn types. folder needs creating
Lantern folder needs creating
Candle w/ holder folder needs creating
Ogre Home - An abode fit for ogres! folder needs creating
Lean-to - Simple Lean-to Shed. folder needs creating
Farm Tools - This could defined as multiple models. folder needs creating
Broom - Simple Straw Broom. folder needs creating
Construction - (Needs better description) folder needs creating
Dead Trees - Dead stumps, or fallen. folder needs creating
Flowers folder needs creating
Bush/Shrubbery folder needs creating
Kitchen Ware - Various utensils for houses. folder needs creating
Garment - (needs better description) folder needs creating
Rope - Coiled/Strung out/Tangled. folder needs creating
Rocks/Boulders - Need more variations. folder needs creating
Theodolite - Site Survey Tool folder needs creating Started - Model Generated, Texturing based on templates. Demarii at gmail 04/21/2011
Venison - Meat from Deer folder needs creating
description folder preview [[User:|User:]] status [[User:|User:]]

The following is a list of Sound Media tasks which are currently recognized as being needed for the default Mason game in development. Any submitted material will be welcomed in the project as the goal is to provide resources for any RPG game maker to use, but the following pieces are more likely to see immediate use within the project. High Priority tasks can see immediate inclusion into the existing demo game world or Ember client, Medium priority will likely be needed in the near future, whereas Low Priority would be conceivably used further in the future or in a different future planned Game idea.

Background Music

High priority:

  • Ambient music for background
    • Default background music. Pretty non-intrusive.
    • Construction theme. Uplifting. Used when the user is constructing something.
    • Battle music. Action filled. Exciting. Used when the user is in battle.
    • Menu music. Uplifting, but quite toned down. Used when the user hasn't yet entered the world.
    • Death music. Sorrowful. Used when the user has died.

Medium priority:

  • Haunted Graveyard slow & action background music
  • Flowering Tundra slow & action background music

Low priority:

  • Crisp Mountains, with rapid rivers, waterfalls, pine woods, snow, gold veins, and tribal orcs. Perhaps country / rock music for the slow & action music?
  • Cold Snow Plains slow & action background music

Sound Effects

High priority:

  • Create a list of game sound effects needed from those actions currently in game.

Medium priority:

  • Create a list of game sound effects needed for actions listed in Launchpad Blueprints.

Low priority:

  • Create a list of game sound effects that are likely to be needed in the future but have no current Blueprint.
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