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What is WorldForge?

WorldForge is a project aimed at creating the framework required to create a virtual world.

Our vision is to foster an independent community, active in the development and maintenance of many unique roleplaying-oriented game worlds, with access to a rich collection of game rules and audio/visual media, with a robust server as well as client and a standard network communication protocol.

WorldForge's mission is to produce the necessary tools and technologies that will allow anyone to create their own virtual world.

Our strategy is simple: provide the tools necessary for anyone to both host and create their own world.

The components

The backbone of the WorldForge is the Atlas protocol, the language with which all components of WorldForge talk together. On the client side. the Eris library helps with translating the underlying Atlas traffic into client common concepts, such as "avatar", "entity" etc..

The server project is Cyphesis. Cyphesis is a complete server with a full physics and AI implementation. Scripting of game system is done using Python.

The client project is Ember. It's full 3D client with an extensive set of authoring tools. The goal is to use the same client for both world creation and play.

In order to reduce world design work and bandwidth utilization, a procedural synthetic world generating library, Mercator, has been designed. The idea is that the world designer does not have to design the world down to the last square centimeter, unless he wants to, and instead defines the world on a large scale, letting Mercator fill in the details.

Varconf provides utility functions for handling client and server configuaration.

Wfmath provides low level math primitives.